Skeybot Admin Panel

This page includes the update history of the Skeybot Admin Panel. Enjoy reading this page if you are interested to see how Skeybot grew day by day! 🌍

Version 1.20230514.4

  1. New Feature - CPanel integration in Web Hosting collection

  2. New Feature - Add new collection

  3. New Feature - Select Customer Portal type for a Product (App, Product or Space)

Version 1.20230513.6

  1. New Feature - Customer, Customer Product Assignment

  2. New Feature - Collection Types (Web hosting, Virtual Tour, Virtual Space, KB)

Version 1.20230508.1

  1. New Feature - Enable uploading GIF from designer

Version 1.20230506.6

  1. Fixes in Designer - Ability to select a collection

  2. New Feature - Edit a search collection configuration within designer

  3. New Feature - Add/Edit/View Collection Items

Version 1.20230430.4

  1. Fixes to Designer - Issues with deleting intent options, option groups

  2. Fixes to DataForms - Issue with Support Center not displaying for new users

  3. New Feature - Added support in the designer to select the intended data form for an intent.

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